Writers tend to work in isolation but we know that this is not always the best way and certainly not the most enjoyable. We all spend a lot of time on the Internet researching all aspects to do with writing eg. writing narrative, developing characters, editing, marketing.

This page is dedicated to writers just starting out or experienced writers. Here you will find links to sites that can help with all the areas of writing and creating books and tips from people who have done it all before you. If you know of a site with some great information or valuable tips then please get in touch with the details and I will happily upload it on this page.

I would also like this page to be a writer’s page of work in progress. Maybe you have a short story, poem, song lyrics or the first 200 words of your new book that you would like to share and get comments on. Maybe you would like to do some writing exercises. If so then please upload onto the form below and I will put it on this page for others to see.

To start us off I have written a 100 word story. Maybe you could try writing a 100 word story and send it to me to share here. Not easy to do but great writing practice.

Stay calm

Whisking the yorkshire pudding batter with one hand, Maggie wipes her fringe from her eyes with the other. “Have to make sure it’s all mixed,” she says under her breath, “it has to be perfect.”

“Mum, I can’t do my homework.”

Maggie sighs, mixing more vigorously.

“Mum!” He shouts louder.

Reluctantly, Maggie puts the whisk down. She listens. She says. He says. Raised voices. He wants her help but he argues that he knows best. It’s always the same argument and she knows why. The therapist explained it all but it doesn’t help. All she can do is walk away.

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