Story read out loud- Peace at last by Jill Murphy

Front cover of book
Peace at Last picture book.

This is a story read out loud ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy with activities included for young children to try.  It is an enjoyable gentle story aimed at 3 – 7 year olds but again most children enjoy it. It contains repetitive phrases and colourful illustrations.

This is the story of Father Bear who cannot get to sleep because of all the noises he hears in his house and garden. Eventually he gets to sleep only to be woken up by Mother Bear’s alarm clock.

Following this reading out loud of the story are a few suggested activities that the children could do. These include finding all the noises made on the different pages, finding the repetitive words and drawing a picture or a plan of the house and garden. Again these are said out loud so the children do not need to read anything and do not need parent supervision in order to try them.

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Reading for pleasure – how can we encourage our boys?

My son is a typical boy. He has friends, enjoys playing sport and the xbox and is (most of the time) a normal eleven year old. Oh, and he never reads. I say never when really I mean he never reads for pleasure


I have never been able to get my head around this. I love reading. I’m a teacher and have taught children from 4 to 11 to read. My daughter (his twin sister) likes reading and will often sit down with a book. So what did I do wrong? Why does my son not read for pleasure?

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