Just change one thing this January.

We always start January the same way. There is the list of New Year’s resolutions, going back to school and work, focusing on our diet and exercise regime (or lack of) and the need to change our lives.

Change one thing
Change one thing

So why do we always want to change things in January?

January is the most popular month for employees to think about changing their jobs. (HR Magazine) In a survey conducted by Indeed (the biggest job site in the world) 50% are considering another job. The reasons they give are salary, challenge and commute. January is also a time when a lot of us consider changing our diets and our lifestyle to become healthier. More gym memberships are started in January than any other month. We also start the year by promising ourselves that this year will be different. We will be different. More patient with our kids, more understanding with our partners and parents, more caring in the community, a better listener for our friends. We will spend more quality time at home with our families. But then February happens and before you know it you are half way through the year and nothing has changed. Not really.

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