Beginning of a new blog


(meaning Рthe point in time or space at which something begins, the first part/ earliest stage of something, the origins of a person or organisation)

The picture below shows the first signs of life; a cell dividing and reproducing itself. This is called ‘mitosis’ and is the process of making new body cells. It’s how we all begin.

Beginning of life cell-division (mitosis)
Beginning of life as cell divides (mitosis)

This seems like a good place to start. I am ‘beginning’ a new blog/website to educate and entertain and I’m hoping it will continue to develop and multiply just like the cells until my blog is a fully functioning and interactive site.

‘Beginning’ and ‘cells’ resonates for lots of reasons. I first saw my children as cells under the microscope (IVF). As their cells have multiplied, they have grown and morphed into small humans with abilities, qualities, feelings and opinions! This process of new life still fills me with awe and this wonder inspired me to write a children’s book about ‘cells’.

The beginning of this blog is also very timely with the beginning of my children’s secondary education. Obviously I knew this moment would come but this new beginning has provoked more feelings than I thought it would. Continue reading Beginning of a new blog