Why it’s good to be a woman-the rise of the ‘superwoman’!

It’s good to be a woman! Those are words I wasn’t sure I would ever say. For most of my life I have thought that it would have been better to have been a man.

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Why? Mainly because they get to concentrate on one thing at a time. From the moment a man gets on the career ladder (and providing he doesn’t become a stay at home dad) he can pretty much concentrate on his job and his career. Women on the other hand tend to have to think of everything. Not only do they have jobs but they are predominately the main child provider, the payer of bills, the food shopper, the cook, the babysitter organiser, the holiday organiser, the schedule organiser when kids are sick, taking part in numerous clubs and attending gazillions of social activities and parties, the taxi driver, the nurse, the therapist and local community representative (e.g.. neighbour) and they’ve had to take a break in the middle of their career to have a family and get back on the career ladder afterwards.

But, as new scientific evidence has shown this week, there may be a reason for all of this. Women are indeed the stronger sex!

We have always known about survival rates and living for longer being higher for women but now we find out that viruses attack more men than women due to their weaker immune system. All those times our men complained about man flu and we ridiculed and did not sympathise, they were actually in pain. Ah bless them! In the Times this week, it has listed all the conditions where men suffer more than women: osteoporosis, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, suicidal depression and ageing pains. Although I am sure there is very good evidence for supporting this, I do wonder if men are feeling are little worried by the rise of the ‘superwoman’.

Almost every woman I know (starting with my mother) is superhuman. The word ‘Glam-ma'(meaning a successful, glamorous and young looking grandmother) is now included in the Oxford English dictionary. The range of tasks that women undertake on a daily basis would make most men’s heads spin. I admire all women who manage to do all of these tasks, and the ones mentioned above and still go to work everyday. They are indeed superhuman and it seems virtually nothing is impossible for women these days either. Girls still outperform boys in school and now there are not so many obstacles to career paths it does seem to be less of a man’s world and more of a balance.¬†From the Prime Minister to Little Mix, women are leading the world and getting stronger and stronger. That’s not such good news for men especially if we believe that men are biologically the weaker sex.

So why do women insist on the three C’s; competing, criticising and complaining about other women? Yes, we can criticise and complain about being a woman but not about other women.

Women everywhere let’s start 2017 by celebrating that we are women and supporting each other. Do look another woman up and down but then tell her how amazing she looks. Do help another woman with a great idea in the workplace or with her CV to help further her career not to ruin her chances of that promotion. Do support another woman who is struggling with all of the above tasks and let her know that she is a ‘superwoman’ for even attempting to get it all done.

I’d like to finish by saying to all ‘superwomen’ in the world, “you will get through christmas, you will manage to get everything done and you will be great in 2017!”

Have a happy Christmas and a superwoman New Year!


2 thoughts on “Why it’s good to be a woman-the rise of the ‘superwoman’!

  1. Wow some strong stuff there Amanda, I pity those poor men who can only do one thing at a time, it is true that men cannot multi task. In some cases they can’t task at all.
    Women are the stronger sex, we have to be because nothing would ever get done if it was left to the men in our lives. They would get round to it after they had just, watched an important match, or played a game of golf, or read the paper from cover to cover. Then they would be so exhausted they would fall asleep in front of the television with the remote control in there hand so it would be impossible for anyone else the change the channel. But we love them dearly !!

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