The madness of Christmas shopping!

Christmas is definitely upon us along with all the madness that surrounds this time of year. But what does madness look like?


Yes, that looks like me pulling my hair out when Christmas is around the corner and we have presents to buy. And not just any presents. I’m talking about ‘the one’. You know ‘the one’. The one present that up until two days ago was not on anyone’s radar and there were plenty of them in a variety of stores. Then yesterday happened. All of sudden anyone who’s anyone now wants one and you can’t find one on any shop shelf or online.

‘What was this item?’ I hear you cry.

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Reading for pleasure – how can we encourage our boys?

My son is a typical boy. He has friends, enjoys playing sport and the xbox and is (most of the time) a normal eleven year old. Oh, and he never reads. I say never when really I mean he never reads for pleasure


I have never been able to get my head around this. I love reading. I’m a teacher and have taught children from 4 to 11 to read. My daughter (his twin sister) likes reading and will often sit down with a book. So what did I do wrong? Why does my son not read for pleasure?

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