The Reel. An fictional chapter book for girls about Irish dancing.THE REEL- available as a paperback and ebook.

The Reel is a fictional story chapter book for girls aged 6 to 10. It tells the tale of Grace, a young girl who has recently lost her mother and needs something in her life. She doesn’t realise, until a family holiday to Ireland, that her mother was an Irish dancer and this leads Grace to discover a world she never knew about.

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“I really enjoyed reading all about Grace and her introduction into Irish dancing. I can’t wait for the next book to come out so that I can follow Grace on her journey to the next level.” SCOR on 21 Mar. 2016
“My daughter read this and loved it. She couldn’t stop talking about it! A great read.” E C Dixon on 17 April 2016
“I recommend this book to any young/new Irish dancers. Sad at times but sweet story with a happy ending. 🍀” Misty on January 22, 2017

CELL WARS – available as a paperback and ebook

Bands, a young white blood cell, wants to join the other blood cell soldiers, fighting bacteria and viruses in the body. Unfortunately for him, he’s still training at the Bone Marrow school where all blood cells are born. Read about Bands’ adventures in this award winning chapter book series set in the body’s veins and arteries and see if the mission to find and kill the deadly bacteria is successful.

Reviews on Amazon/awards

  • “A fantastic book for kids. The author cleverly balances adventure and biology. Highly recommended and a SILVER MEDAL WINNER!” Wishing Shelf Awards 2015
  • “An ingenious idea that teaches children about the blood system..delightfully illustrated.” The Rubery Book Awards 2014.
  • “A Great Way to Learn about How Our Bodies Work” K. A. Wheatley TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE MARCH 2014
  • “This book is very cleverly – and clearly – written. It covers many aspects of the hman body and how it works in an interesting and fun way. The children in my class thought it was excellent.” Teacher
  • “What a fantastic way to encourage children to understand how the body works: a white blood cell determined to defend his host body from disease. An adventure story AND biology! Wonderful!” Parent



CELL WARS 2 – available as a paperback and ebook

Bands is on a dangerous mission to find and destroy all the deadly flu viruses rapidly spreading through the body. His teacher, Master Baso and Captain Neutro have taught him so much, but will it be enough?

Follow the adventures of Bands, in the second book of the award winning Cell Wars series and find out if it is the virus or Bands who is exterminated!

Reviews on Amazon

  • “A Good mix of fact and fiction and lots of fun” K. A. Wheatley TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on 28 July 2015
  • “It’s really exciting and the description is amazing. It is also scientific, so it tells you about the inside of your body in a fiction book.”  OVM on 15 May 2015



Secret in the Sea

THE SECRET IN THE SEA – available as an ebook

Hannah is just an ordinary girl with ordinary problems but with an extraordinary talent. Trying to escape the pain of her parents separation, Hannah plays her violin at her favourite place by the sea. One day something amazing happens and Hannah knows she has a decision to make. Will she be brave enough to speak up and change not only her life but the lives of the creatures in the sea.

This chapter book is aimed at 6 – 10 year olds who love the violin or dolphins or both!